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Breville-smart-oven-air-rotisserie, breville state-of-the art smart oven air adds air-frying and dehydrating to a full menu of cooking modes. air-fry favorites like french fries, donuts and fried chicken, or prepare your own jerky and dried fruits.. Perform a variety of cooking techniques with this 1.0 cu. ft. breville smart oven air. it has 13 convenient pre-programmed settings, and its super convection function maximizes airflow to ensure crispy air-fried dishes or faster food dehydration., breville smart oven air - no oil air frying - plant based this past may we purchased the breville smart oven air - it is an incredible kitchen appliance. it's a toaster oven on steroids! seriously this appliance bakes, broils, roasts, reheats, works as a slow cooker, toaster, has a pizza setting, is an air fryer and a dehydrator!

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