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Samsung-smart-control-oven, no worries, the smart control feature lets you monitor and control your range through the smartthings app on your phone. you can even adjust the time and oven temperature remotely, without ever getting up from the couch. the available settings and features may vary based on the range model.. In a time when more americans are cooking and taking on home renovations themselves, samsung’s new lineup of beautifully designed, wi-fi connected front control slide-in ranges offer a smart, modern upgrade to your kitch, there are two fans in the oven. the internal cooling fan, which helps keep the electronics cool, and the convection fan, which is visible at the back of the oven and circulates heated air for more thorough cooking..

The temperature of most ovens made in the us is preset to be shown in fahrenheit, however, many modern ovens allow you to switch between celsius and fahrenheit and back. the settings can be changed with a few easy steps, but the exact details will vary between models.

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