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Samsung-smart-oven-features, the smart oven comes with powerful steam clean feature, which is further enhanced with a ceramic enamel interior and top dual movable heaters.. Samsung hot blast with slim fry microwave oven features - power grill, multi spit, auto cook, power save, smart sensor, my recipes app and much more., 10 power levels take the guesswork out of cooking or defrosting food with samsung mg34f602mat microwave oven has auto-cook and auto-defrost programs. you hardly need to lift a finger to create a delicious meal. the microwave helps in preparing dinner faster without compromising great taste.. Samsung smart oven helps you prepare healthy dishes. this microwave oven is available at the samsung 34l microwave oven - mg34f602mat/za features a compact design that uses little counter space. thanks to its slim fry technology that combines a grill with warm air circulation, you can fry food in a healthy manner., the samsung smart oven features a drop down door that makes loading bigger ingredients easier. with the stainless design both from the body to the handle and display, the samsung smart oven looks good in any kitchen. these samsung digital appliances is really a perfect fit for every family. samsung - your partner in building a happier home..

The new samsung smart oven features an interesting innovation called hotblast that transmits hot air upwards through 52 equally distributed air holes inside the microwave, cutting cooking time by..., want to sun-dry fruits and vegetables without the sun? well, now you can. the new masala and sun dry™ smart oven lets you perfectly dry fruits and vegetables, without going through the hassle of drying them outdoors. it makes drying fast, and as easy as pressing a button.#samsung

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