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Smart-plug-for-oven, this $170, wi-fi-enabled smart plug connects to your electric stove and sends you alerts on your smartphone via the wallflower app if you left your stove on when you're not home. these alerts.... Smart plugs are the most basic element of any smart home. here are several ways smart plugs can get your dumb appliances online. smart plugs come in all shapes and sizes and at prices to suit all budgets., hi, i am looking for a smart plug to be used with an electric oven, so i think the plug is uk type and handles 220v. any recommendations? i googled and found "wallflower" but found it too expensive for the features it offers, especially when it cannot turn off the plug..

› smart plug for oven cooking with a wallflower gin mixed with apple cider, lime juice, simple syrup, and topped with club soda and crushed ice.

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